VCC Gingerbread House Decorating Contest
Bring your best decorating tips, and be prepared for some fast and furious decorating at the first annual VCC holiday gingerbread house decorating contest.  Gingerbread house kits, extra icing and candy for decorating will be provided on the tables. Each kit will be provided a foil wrapped base for their house. Only what is on the base at the end of the competition will be judged.

  • Members seated at a table are in charge of working together to decorate the kit(s) provided at their table.  
  • If a table is large there may be two kits and members should agree upon which members work together on each kit.
  • Entries may include other structures such as train stations, barns, birdhouses, lighthouses, bridges, ships, or other imaginative dwellings.
  • The gingerbread house itself must be constructed mainly of the gingerbread and icing provided. Styrofoam and other support materials are not permitted.
  • All components of the display, except for the base, must be made of edible materials. Edible materials include candy, nuts, cereal, cookies, crackers, pasta, and other food items that do not include wrappers or sticks. Wrappers should be removed from candy and other decorations.
  • Luncheon attendees may bring icing tips, extra candy, cookies or other items from home to help their table.


  • Guests may begin decorating as soon as they have checked in and selected a table and at least half the table is full.
  • Guests may not decorate during the guest presentation.
  • Guests may resume decorating during and after luncheon before the deadline.
  • The contest will stop at or about 1 PM.


  • Entries will be judged on: Overall appearance (30 pts), Originality/Creativity (30 pts), Workmanship/Technique (30 pts), Difficulty (10 pts). J
  • Judging will be at the end of the luncheon on December 12, 2018.
  • The Executive Board and a Guest Judge from the venue will judge the winners.
  • Members of the winning team will receive $10 off their January luncheon fee.


The VCC is looking for energetic individuals to volunteer in the following areas listed below. For more information about these positions please reach out to one of our Executive Board members at any time for details about the job description and duties.  We are a super fun group working to improve the community in which we live while making friends and having a great time in bella Italia.  We have monthly board meetings, plan the luncheons and other annual events like the Gala and CIAO Conference and help connect those around us to opportunities for social interaction and community enrichment.

  • Hospitality
  • Historian
  • Publicity
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Property Manager
  • Social Media Manager

This year’s Sub-club Chairman is Lynnette Pfaff who can be reached at  Please note that a few of the Sub-club groups  listed below are still in need of leadership.  We can’t get things going without a someone to plan the fun.  Groups in need of a volunteer are noted with an asterisk. If one of these groups piques your curiosity, then please contact Lynnette to volunteer.  She is currently planning a meeting for sub-club leaders to plan out events for the rest of the board year.  Also, if you have a great hobby and you think others would be interested in joining, please bring it to our attention.

VCC Sub-clubs include:

  • Wonderful Wednesday
  • Cooking*
  • Antiquing
  • Bowling*
  • Exploring with Littles*
  • Scotch & Cigars*
  • Hiking Club*
  • Wine Liaison
  • Couples Dinner Club
  • Photography
  • Crafting Club
  • Lunch Bunch  
  • Book Club Liaison*
  • International Group*

During November’s luncheon, VCC club members competed against one another in six “Price is Right,” prize showcases and it was “Game-On!”  The roof was definitely raised at the Villa delle Rose with our loud enthusiasm for the game. There were lots of winners throughout the luncheon and the grand prize winner walked away with an adorable pink Barbie car!  That’s how the last showcase of the game ends on TV, right? Yes, a car was won!
Thanks to everyone who contributed to the Angel Tree, as the monthly philanthropy. VCC members donated toys and €23 and $32 in cash which was delivered to Army Community Services. The lucky “Price is Right” showcase winner even donated their new, pink, Barbie car to ACS. The board will be presenting the toys and cash to ACS in early December.  

A bit of business was taken care of at the luncheon with the membership voting on an updated version of the VCC Constitution as well as the 2018-2019 VCC Budget.

Nothing defines life in Italy more than a stroll through ancient family olive orchards.  VCC members recently enjoyed a tour of Frantoio Salvagno in Verona where they learned how olives are harvested, and participated in the process. The highlight of the trip was experiencing a coveted taste of the freshly harvested olive oil.
Two groups attended the tour maximizing how many members could attend.  Both enjoyed lunch afterward at a local restaurant.
During the tour, members observed how olives are harvested and the process of pressing the oil and bottling it from start to finish.  The Salvagno family farm has both an old school cold pressing system and newer, automated systems that reduce the time from tree to bottle to as low as 15 minutes.  Members watched the delicious golden green oil flow freely and tasted it fresh from the press, unfiltered.

Monthly luncheon will be December 12 at Villa delle Rose, 11 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Are you as obsessed with all the gorgeous glass demijohns as we are? But, maybe you aren’t sure how to use it in your home or how to dress it for fancy or low-key decor spaces. Perhaps you have a few demijohns but want to grow your collection based on knowledge, history, types and value. Then come to the VCC December luncheon to enjoy a private class on “All Things Demijohn.”

Given by our Vicenza Military Community neighbor Harold Estabrook, you’ll be surprised at how many beautiful options await the collector in you. Harold and his wife have spent years scouring Italy and beyond for the best and most unique demijohns. Come and learn from their experience.
Already have a demijohn or two or five? Sign up to bring your demijohn for display at the luncheon. There will be a prize for the people’s choice best dressed demijohn. Because of space requirements, only 20 people can participate. Please email and let Bevin know you want to bring your demijohn to the luncheon.

There is ample parking on site in the restaurant lot, but carpooling is recommended.  Our event is upstairs in a private space. The €23 price includes one trip to the extensive buffet, coffee, tea, water and dessert. Prosecco and red wine will be available on the honor system.
The deadline for luncheon RSVPs is Monday Dec 10 by 5 pm. Cancellations after that time and no-shows will be invoiced for their luncheon cost.
Nursing infants and lap babies are welcome, otherwise we encourage you to make hourly care arrangements with the CDC.  
There are two ticket purchasing options.  Pay online via PayPal or credit card, or pay cash at the door. RSVP and get your ticket below. 

The VCC Holiday Dough Bowl auction is Dec. 6 from 4 p.m. until 6:30 p.m. at the Golden Lion conference center.  
Let’s begin by answering the question, “what is a dough bowl?”  Dough bowls were used daily throughout history for making bread. The dough was rolled out, left to rise, and later bread or biscuits were baked.  A good cook always left a handful of starter dough for the next day in the bowl and it was stored there overnight. The bowls the VCC will have up for auction on Dec 6 can indeed still be used in traditional ways – but are also beautiful as decorative tabletop displays or for storage to hold magazines, rolled towels, washcloths, or odds and ends.  

The dough bowl auction date, Dec 6 was chosen because it coincides with the USAG Italy tree lighting ceremony which also begins at 4 p.m. and will be held in front of the installation theater.  The Vicenza community is invited to attend both activities. When the need comes to warm up from the outdoor festivities and ceremony, please come to the Golden Lion and place your auction bid for a lovely, festively decorated dough bowl while enjoying hot cocoa and cookies provided by the USO.  Besides making bids on your favorite bowl, you will also be able to increase your odds of becoming a winner by buying tickets for a chance to win one of the fabulous donated gift bowls.