“Grazie!” to everyone who participated in the November vote on the revised 2018-2020 VCC Constitution, and to the General Board for their careful review and vote on the revised 2018-202 By-laws. The revised constitution passed by an overwhelming majority, with 91% of the participating members voting “yes,” and a quorum having been established. The revised by-laws were approved unanimously by the General Board on December 4th. Both documents can be accessed on our VCC website. http://vccitaly.org/about/

The VCC board was thrilled to present the revised constitution in person to the fifty-six VCC members present at the November general membership meeting and luncheon at Villa delle Rose in Vicenza. VCC Members who were not able to attend the luncheon engaged in discussion about the revised constitution through email questions, and reviewing the proposed constitution on the website. Whether members learned about the proposed revisions online or in person, all votes were cast electronically so that each member’s voice was heard equally. We appreciate everyone’s participation in the process.

After the VCC Membership voted to approve the revised constitution, additional work began to similarly update and approve revised by-laws that reflect the content and language of the constitutional revisions. The By-laws Review Committee worked on a demanding schedule, and were able to complete their updates in time to present to the Executive and General boards for their approval at the December board meeting. The updated VCC By-laws were approved for adoption by the General Board, and went into effect, on December 4th, 2018.

“Grazie Mille!” to all the committee members who invested their time and energy to read, listen, research, and collaborate on these durable revisions that clarify and confirm the VCC is operating in accordance with current Army, USAREUR, and DoD regulations, and that we are mirroring the best practices of similar community clubs operating under SOFA guidelines.

The VCC’s revised constitution and by-laws ensure our compliance with our approving authority and the laws and regulations under which we operate; establish checks and balances that ensure the smooth operation of the club; and facilitate better understanding of the basic social and financial obligations of the club and each of its member categories.

Hearty thanks to each of you who gave your time and attention to being part of this process. Our members truly are the best!