As many of you know, the VCC has been undergoing a rigorous reorganization to fully comply with all regulations and laws that apply to us.  The good news is that the motion to incorporate passed at the recent all membership vote held March 20 at the Golden Lion.  The resulting votes allowed the Vicenza Community Club to file and receive its official Articles of Incorporation.

Tellers Report

The motion under consideration was whether to proceed with VCC incorporation as recommended by the VCCs privately retained legal counsel; to seek 501(c)3 federal tax exempt status; and to form a separate LLC for operating the Thrift Store that would be a wholly-owned subsidiary of the VCC 501(c)3 organization.

The vote required a quorum of 40.

  • Votes Cast: 46
  • Votes Required for a Simple Majority: 26
  • Votes in Favor: 37
  • Votes Against: 9

Three tellers were present. Each performed a separate count and submitted separate reports with no discrepancies found.

Being incorporated, the VCC now can resume accepting membership applications and begin taking board member position applications for the 2019-2020 elections immediately.  The Articles of Incorporation also positioned the VCC to take the necessary steps to legally operate the Thrift Store, which will be opening in the near future.

Thank you for your support and vote of confidence.  The VCC looks forward to continuing to provide the Vicenza Military Community with outstanding programming, social connections, volunteer service, community enrichment grants and scholarships for many years to come.