2017 Events Gallery

One in a Melon Kickoff

Our "One in a Melon" event was a hit! We gave away all kinds of great stuff via raffles!

Wonderful Wednesdays Wine Harvest

We had a really great day! Picked grapes, made our own picai, watched the new Merlot grapes arrive and had amazing food/wine. Good times were had.

MWR Pool Party

We hosted a table at the MWR Pool Party at Ederle! A huge thanks to the smiling faces of those that helped man the table and spread the VCC love!

Board Changeover Luncheon

We said "Bon Voyage" to this year's VCC board (who did an amazing job this year, didn't they?!) and "Ahoy" to the new board at a luncheon.

Scholarship Dinner 2017

Thursday evening the VCC celebrated all our Spring 2017 awardee's. It was a wonderful evening full of promise and excitement! Congratulations!

Volunteer Recognition Ceremony

So wonderful to see our wonderful VCC board members and volunteers recognized at the ACS volunteer recognition ceremony tonight! Congratulations to board members Diane Houghton, Moira Neal, Aimee Randazzo and Kelly Wagner with over 500 hours of volunteer service, VCC President, JD Keith, with over 1000 hours of volunteer service and our VCC Volunteer of the year, Morgan O'Bryant, for all of her hard work on the CIAO conference!

CIAO Conference 2017

The CIAO Conference was a huge success! If you didn't make it this year, you missed out on TWO DAYS of fun, gifts, and learning! Be on the lookout for it next year. 🙂

Masquerade Ball 2017 Gala

This year, the VCC's annual gala event was a Masquerade Ball. It was a hit!

Paint & Sip Luncheon

Today's paint and sip luncheon was tons of fun. Great people and paintings! Michelle from arts and crafts was wonderful and it was neat seeing everyone walking around post afterwards with their masterpieces!

2016 Events Gallery

Tailgating Party

We kicked off the VCC season with a tailgate! Munchies, raffles, signups, and more! September 9, 2016.

Polish Pottery Bunco 2016

We got together and played Bunco to win some Polish Pottery! So many winners! October 5th, 2016

Bread Bowl Auction & Raffle

At the Christmas tree lighting ceremony, we held a silent auction and raffled off bread bowls filled with all kinds of goodies!

Tacky Holiday Party

We all got dressed up in our tackiest holiday sweaters for a luncheon and fun with trivia!

2015 Events Gallery

Mad Hatter Gala

The VCC's annual formal event. "Hatsquerade" - Create, buy, and wear a beautiful or funky hat! January 2015.

Wine and Cheese Bingo

Wine tasting and bingo combined! February 2015.

Wigged Out Bunco

Bunco in crazy wigs! July 2016.

Coffele Wine Tasting

A wine tasting at Cantina Coffele in Soave, Italy. 2015.

County Fair

Fun & Games, Refreshments, New Member Drive, Door Prizes, & More! September 2015.

Cucina Italia

Cooking demonstrations and wine tastings. October 2015.

Horrifying Trivia

Horror movie trivia just in time for Halloween! Best costume contest! October 2015.

CIAO Conference Photo Contest

CIAO Conference photo contest entries and winners, 2015.

Tree Auction

Tree & Wreath Auction, December 2015.

Beer Night

Course Program: An Approach to Beer. German, Italian, and American beer as well as a buffet! Guys only! December 2015.

2014 Events Gallery