Benvenuti a Vicenza

It’s spring and with that comes a lot of VCC activity!

We’re holding elections for the 2019-2020 board on April 17 and we need members to step forward into these leadership positions. If you have experience with non-profits, event planning, fundraising or community building, we are still accepting applications and hope you’ll consider joining next year’s team. Deadline to apply is April 15.

Scholarship applications are being accepted through midnight April 28, 2019.  We know time is short for submitting applications this year, so we are accepting “unofficial” transcripts with a specific caveat.  If an applicant with a unofficial transcript is selected, we MUST receive the applicant’s official transcript with no significant changes PRIOR to disbursement of the scholarship funds.

And last, but not least, we are planning a re-opening ceremony for the Thrift Store on April 17 at 1100 hours. I hope you’ll stop by and see what our volunteers have done with the store and to hear about the progress we are making. We’ll have cake and punch and the Garrison Commander will be there to lead our ribbon-cutting ceremony.

I hope you’re enjoying our new website. I look forward to meeting you before the end of this year. Thank you to all our members and the Vicenza Military Community at-large for your decades of support.

Arlene Baptiste,

Vicenza Community Club

2019 Scholarships Awarded

Eight outstanding students were awarded 2019 VCC Scholarships. They are going off to colleges from coast to coast and some places in between.  Their exceptional academic performance and demonstrated potential for leadership were top factors in the scholarship committee’s selection of candidates. Through dedication to education, service to others and standards of character represent the highest ideals of scholarship.  We know these young men and women have the potential to change the world and the VCC is thrilled to be a small part of their exciting futures. Congratulations!

$2,500 Awardees
Mackenzie Wilson
Anna Zielinski

$1,500 Awardee
David Macy

$1,000 Awardees
Sydney Timme
Cameron Cloutier

$500 Awardees
Kathleen Reitemeyer (not pictured)
Lauren Balser (not pictured)
Kendall Seifert (not pictured)

In addition to scholarships, the VCC is helping to fund this year’s VHS Senior Class Graduation.

Thrift Store Now Open

Thank you for attending our Open House and Ribbon-cutting Ceremony on April 17 at the Thrift Store at Camp Ederle.  Over 250 community members were able to see the renovations and remodel first hand. Until we reopen, we do have special services available for inbound and outbound families only.  Visit our Thrift Store page for more details.

Sales and donations have been brisk since we reopened on May 7.  We hope you are excited to see our progress and enjoy a better shopping experience.

Donations are being accepted on limited days per week at this time.  If you’d like to make an appointment, please message us on the VCC Thrift Store Facebook Page.

Save the Date

Aug 14  Super Sign Up At The Golden Lion 

The VCC will be hosting a one-stop shop for all newcomers, soldiers and families, community partners and guests to access important resources and networking information including all the official agencies and private organizations who support the VMC. There will be food and prizes to encourage the whole family to come out and learn about all there is to do in Vicenza.

Sep 11 Red, White & Bloom Luncheon 

Our kick-off luncheon will give everyone a chance to get together after the kids head back to school.  Old friends and new will remember our fallen on Patriot Day and learn ways to bloom in this new place we call home.

VCC Moves Forward With Reorganization

Motion to Incorporate Passes

As many of you know, the VCC has been undergoing a rigorous reorganization to fully comply with all regulations and laws that apply to us.  The good news is that the motion to incorporate passed at the recent all membership vote held March 21 at the Golden Lion.

Official Articles of Incorporation

The resulting votes allowed the Vicenza Community Club to file and receive its official Articles of Incorporation!

Tellers Report

The motion under consideration was whether to proceed with VCC incorporation as recommended by the VCCs privately retained legal counsel; to seek 501(c)3 federal tax exempt status; and to form a separate LLC for operating the Thrift Store that would be a wholly-owned subsidiary of the VCC 501(c)3 organization. The vote required a quorum of 40.

  • Votes Cast: 46
  • Votes Required for
    a Simple Majority: 26
  • Votes in Favor: 37
  • Votes Against: 9

Three tellers were present. Each performed a separate count and submitted separate reports with no discrepancies found.

Being incorporated, the VCC now can resume accepting membership applications and begin taking board member position applications for the 2019-2020 elections immediately.  The Articles of Incorporation also positioned the VCC to take the necessary steps to legally operate the Thrift Store, which will be opening in the near future.

Thank you for your support and vote of confidence.  The VCC looks forward to continuing to provide the Vicenza Military Community with outstanding programming, social connections, volunteer service, community enrichment grants and scholarships for many years to come.

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We support worthwhile community projects, needs and services by fairly and equitably distributing all Community Enrichment monies generated from our Thrift Store, and other USAG Italy approved fundraising events.

VCC sets an example for the USAG Italy community by always working together in an inclusive spirit of volunteerism, mentorship, and hospitality.

We also support and empower the Caserma Ederle and Del Din through service to others and community building.

Furthermore, the VCC has many programs that offer our members opportunities to become involved in educational, philanthropic, cultural, creative and social activities.

VCC is a private organization operating on post with USAG Italy approval, but not affiliated with the U.S. Army or Caserma Ederle.


Our membership opportunities are inclusive and diverse.  We welcome spouses from all backgrounds and encourage community partnership. Many of our members bring a flair of international experience and cultural enrichment to our events. Membership is also open to Active Duty service members, retirees, DA civilian employees, and their spouses.  Host nation guests are eligible to join when sponsored by a member in good standing who holds SOFA status.

Because we also focus on social welfare, the VCC offers both social events and those intended to better our community on and off post. We encourage everyone to join and be a part of an organization that is committed to the ideal that we are better together.

Membership is $20 for an individual membership or $30 for a family membership and is available to all eligible participants. More information can be found on our 2019-2020 membership form.


Every board year promises a myriad of fabulous volunteer opportunities. Volunteering is at the heart of our organization and is the perfect opportunity to make a difference in our community and show our commitment to our values all while enjoying new friendships and camaraderie.

This year we are forming a pool of volunteers.  When you sign up for the pool, you will receive an email invite to participate in various activities.  Opportunities will also be included in our monthly newsletters, on social media and here on our website.

Community members, even those who are not VCC members, will periodically receive emails from the USAG AVC about opportunities to serve on VCC planning committees or help with our events.

Volunteering is always more fun with a friend. We encourage you to look left and right and bring a friend to the meeting–all are welcome. The choice is yours, whether to sign-up or not.  We hope you do!